Where to post jobs online?

Thanks to the growing number of job boards, job search engines and social networking sites, it’s easier than ever to promote job offers for thousands of potential employees. What’s more, many of these sites allow you to advertise open job offers for free, saving your organization’s money on recruitment processes. Where to post jobs online?

The most popular free job advertisement sites also often have paid advertising or sponsorship options to increase the number of views on the free job listings. Otherwise, when it is time to hire new employees, you can also post job offers (and / or their links) for free on your Twitter channel, Facebook and company website. When registering, be careful not to choose a paid plan. If your site is asking for a credit card, you may have chosen the paid option or it’s probably not free.

General purpose bulletin boards

Most job offers have one main purpose: they are the central hub for publishing, promoting and completing new job offers. The job listing sites listed here are designed to provide all kinds of job offers in any industry and provide free access to a network of thousands of job seekers.


CareerBuilder is one of the largest job offers boards, offering job offers, resuming publications and career advice and resources for job seekers. CareerBuilder secures job offers directly from employers and extends local offers by working with many newspapers to place online ads.

CareerBuilder integrates useful information on many career paths as well as valuable advice on career development and job search. The site uses the latest AI technology to connect employees with opportunities.

Where to post jobs online?


The Recruiter boasts a network of over 10,000 recruiters from various industries, including IT, HR, sales and healthcare. Thousands of companies use the free labor market to promote new job offers and connect with talent. The site serves over 800,000 members in over 30 countries and reaches 2.8 million social job seekers.

Social Media

Job offers in social media are becoming one of the best ways to find employees on the Internet. You can post job offers online on LinkedIn on your company’s website. Facebook also offers company websites where you can post job offers and focus on spreading news about the company and work environment. Applications available on Facebook automatically publish job offers from your website. You can also automatically post to Twitter using sites such as Tweet My Jobs.

Career center for students

Publish job offers through a local career center for college students and maintain relationships with university faculties specializing in your needed skills. Many of them offer free job offers and local candidates, especially at the beginning of their careers and internships. Others work with online services.



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