My Goals

What To Achieve In The Next 3 Years With My Blog?

Since I started my blog, I have always been yearning to get more readers. I have a lot to share with my readers and if more people read it they would have a lot of advice on how to lead their lives stress-free.

With there being so many bloggers with the same topics as me, it’s tough achieving this goal. That’s why I am interested in learning search engine optimization. Previously, I imagined that SEO was only for the online businesses and blogs didn’t need it but I was completely wrong.

With learning search engine optimization, I hope to achieve the following with my blog in the next 3 years or so.

1. Increased Visitors To My Site
Over the years that I have been running my blog, my visitors have been increasing gradually. However, it is not fast enough. Sometimes, I go for days without getting any visitors on my blog and it can be quite disappointing. Well, since I researched on search engine optimization, I have learned that it is a great way to bring more visitors to my site.

Basically, search engine optimization is a way to find visitors who are actively looking for my blog. Therefore, if I use the right keywords, users can always be directed to my blog right from the search engine results pages. Therefore, by integrating a few search engine optimization techniques on my site, I hope to get more visitors and the numbers will increase abruptly as long as my blog gets a high ranking on the search engine results.

2. Branding Success
Anyone who is running a blog knows how tough it is to become a brand in the blogging world. You have competition for many sites and other bloggers as well. since I started running my blog, I have always aspired to become a household name for many people. However, I have never been able to achieve this wish.

Well, I am interested in what search engine optimization can do for my branding efforts. From my SEO research, I have discovered that most users on the search engines find the sites with top rankings more credible and trustworthy than the rest. Therefore, if they use the keywords on my site to make their searches, they can always find my blog on the top page. Eventually, my branding efforts will become successful.

3. Make My Blog User Friendly
One of the reasons why I haven’t succeeded in getting many visitors to my blog is because it is not as user friendly as I thought. Since I didn’t have any clue about search engine optimization, my posts are not clearly organized, there is no site map and I also find it hard sometimes to read anything on the site.

Well, with a few search engine optimization techniques in place, I can make my site easier for users, whether they are on mobile or desktop devices. On the other hand, with a search preference, they can always find anything on my site without crawling through too much information.

Hopefully, I will achieve these benefits once I integrate search engine optimization on my site.