How To Grow Your Blog

Just like a website, you need to optimize your blog with search engine optimization to get more visitors and readers. Well, I used the following SEO techniques to grow my blog and you can do the same to increase your viewership drastically.

1. Get Your Own Domain And Hosting
Most bloggers love websites such as blogger and WordPress that offer free blogging sites. However, this will not do any favors for your optimization efforts. It’s a popular notion that the serious sites have their own domains and hosting and since Google’s SEO algorithm relies on people’s preferences, you might lose a lot of visitors if you are using any of the free blogging sites.

Right from the start, you need to set up your own domain and hosting. Whether you are running a parenting blog, an advice blog or a fashion blog, people need to know that your site is credible. That’s why having your own domain and hosting will work perfectly for your search engine optimization needs.

2. Always Use Original Content
Remember, the main objective for search engines is to provide users with useful and relevant information. Therefore, your blog needs to use original content that provides solutions to your users. For instance, if you are running a makeup blog, you can always narrate how you do your own makeup every morning to get a glowing and beautiful look for the whole day.

The original content doesn’t stop at the posts only. You need to make sure that your photos, videos, podcasts and everything else on your profile is original. Google and other search engines discourage the use of duplicate content. If you have not credited the original site, you will be penalized or banned for using duplicate content on your blog.

3. Relevant Backlinks
Backlinks refer to when another site links back to yours from a totally different site. However, if you want to make backlinks work perfectly for your blog optimization efforts, you need to follow these rules.

• You should never buy backlinks. Google and other search engines consider these as spam which might lead to banning or penalization of your site.

• You should find the best source for backlinks if you want them to work. Consider getting backlinks from trustworthy and credible sites with quality rankings. Rather than using spam links from untrustworthy sites, you can work a lot of miracles with just one quality link from a credible site.

• Make sure that the anchor text used in the backlinks contains relevant keywords that can contribute to your optimization efforts.

One of the best ways to get quality backlinks is through guest posting. Find the best blogs in your niche and request to guest post on these sites. If they offer to do it, take that chance to write original content and add a link to your site. You can also offer these blogs the chance to guest post on yours too to get mutual backlinks and many more search engine benefits.

Try these tactics and grow your blog using search engine optimization effortlessly.