Hey everyone, welcome to Eat Well With Janel! In case you haven’t guessed: yes, I am indeed Janel! It’s my great pleasure to make your internet based acquaintance. I hope you’ll stick around and check out all of my future updates. I’m based in Chicago, IL, but I’m interested in hearing from anyone and everyone from all over the entire world! If there’s one thing that’s truly amazing about the internet, it’s how easily it has managed to put the entirety of the Earth right into our own backyards…so to speak! I’m so excited to have finally started this blog so that I can put my own stamp on things!

One of my greatest passions in life, if you haven’t guessed, is great food. I love trying any and every type of cuisine I can get my hands on, and if you let me loose in the kitchen with a fully stocked cupboard, I’m instantly transformed into a mad scientist! I love combining different foods together to create entirely new dishes. On Eat Well With Janel, you’ll find a wide array of unique recipes that I’ve formulated myself, as well as interesting dishes I’ve found and tried out from elsewhere.

Of course, I’m also all about eating healthily. It’s all well and good to enjoy a night in with several courses of amazing foods and even some nice snacks and desserts, but all things are always better in moderation. I’ll do my best to include all the information I can to help you enjoy all of the food featured here in a healthy manner that doesn’t leave you feeling as if you’ve cheated on your diet! If anything, I hope to dispel the myth that you can’t truly enjoy food if you’re going to be a health nut as well.

Oh, and on occasion, I might even dip into the world of business marketing. If I can, I might even marry my passion for food and marketing together! I love looking at successful business endeavors and franchises and seeing exactly what makes them tick. If you can find that certain X-factor that helped a particularly brilliant piece of marketing succeed, I fully believe you can implement it into your own plans. Just as with taking great recipes and making them your own, the great business strategies of others can be adopted and customized to fit your own needs!

So, that just about wraps it up. I look forward to sharing all of my thoughts and pictures with you in many, many updates to come. I hope everyone that sticks around has as much fun here as I’m going to have in putting it all together! Perhaps I’ll even be able to show you enough of Chicago’s amazing culture to convince you to visit or even move here someday! It’s a great city, and I’m truly proud to be a part of it, just as I’m proud to have finally found my own little niche online. Thanks for stopping by; I hope to see you around!